Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm so IN LOVE with you...

My husband is now on his way to Africa doing what the Lord has called him to do. Some ask if I am ok with him being gone. I respond how can I not be. How can I not be ok with the Lord calling my husband to do his work. I am honored and amazed to have a husband that the Lord has chosen to share his wisdom with. I am amazed by God and all His wonders.

Who am I to desire any different. Who am I to be uncontent with what the Lord has planned. Who am I. I am but a servant who has no right but to approach the thrown of God and call out to him in praise. I was made to Love Him and be loved by Him.

There should be no other desire in my heart but to be content in what the Lord has set before me no matter what the circumstances. May it be Joy, Sorrow, Tears, Happiness, Pain, or suffering. He is God.

And I will simply ask...Lord what is it you are trying to teach me in these moments.

The Lord gives and the Lord taketh away. And I praise him in all.

So I sit and wait here for you to return to me, my husband, the man you have given me. So when they ask. How do you feel that your husband is gone to Africa I say he is not gone but doing the work of the Father. My husband is not mine...


I sit here and pray my love.
I sit here and pray at the feet of The Lord.

I wait here my love.
I wait here at the feet of the Lord.

I want to be with you my love.
I want to be with you at the feet of the Lord.

I am silent my love.
I am silent my love as I wait at feet of the Lord.

Here I will Lay my love.
Here I will Lay at the feet of the Lord.

Here I will wait my love.
For you are not mine, my love.

You are His, and I am His.

And Together we wait at His feet.
Till we can be together again.

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