Friday, September 17, 2010

Second Chance

Sometime in life we walk through the wrong door. Sometime when we walk through that door Satan is standing right there waiting with and open hand. Sometime we willingly take his hand and willingly let him lead us around for a while. Excusing the things that are taking place as if God would understand or if we are being honest...if God would not notice.

Then things change and Satan isn't so much fun anymore or worth the risk. But it too late. The damage is done. The pain is sooo great and no matter how hard we try we can't hide the scar or take back the choices we have made. Oh, the pain is so deep and so shameful.

But wait, we think... I am a victim. How could God let this happen to me if He loves me so much. Where was God. Where was He when I chose to ignore Him, when I chose to not obey Him, when I chose to try to hide my sinful nature from Him. Where was He!...Suddenly it doesn't sound as if we are the victim anymore.

See the thing was He was there. He was just watching and waiting. He was watching me. Watching me take the path He laid out for me and mangle it up, trash it, destroy it, ignore it and try to make it into something I created.

It amazes me as I sit here this very night. How through all that God just waited. Waited for me to say God

And when I did. He came. He listened and he provided. He did not erase all the scars I created in my life. He will simply used them to His glory. He did not make my life perfect he simply made it possible. He did not condemn me, he loved me.

And though I willingly left the path. I willingly walked away. I willingly opened that door and willingly walked with Satan. He willingly provided me a second chance. A second chance I didn't deserve. A second chance to get back on the path. And on this path He has provided me so much more then what the first path had to offer or is it that I can see the value now.

And you know what the funny thing is...right at this moment in front of me is a door. The wrong door and Satan is waiting... with an open hand...but this time I am not walking through.

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